The National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA) represents the interests of approximately 3500 members whom are undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at eighteen universities across Australia. NAPSA is run by students for students, and strives to provide many opportunities for its members, like networking and social events. NAPSA also strives to be the voice of the pharmacy students of Australia in the pharmaceutical industry.

As a member of NAPSA there are a plethora of education events for you to take advantage of, right at your fingertips. This education is available in person through your branch's Education Chair, and now also online through the MyNAPSA platform. The MyNAPSA platform is the latest benefit of your NAPSA membership. MyNAPSA will provide you with a new way to connect with your peers and complete education modules from the comfort of your own home.

Through your membership you are invited to the annual NAPSA Congress the premier event on the pharmacy student calendar that is a week full of education, networking and social events. The annual NAPSA Congress is a truly phenomenal week that is loved and sought after by many students.

As a member of NAPSA you're also a member of the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF), and through NAPSA's implementation at an international level, student members may be involved in the outgoing and incoming student exchanges. NAPSA members are also invited to the annual IPSF World Congress.

One of NAPSA's goals is to spread pharmacy and health awareness, because of this it plays host to a number of events each year. Among these are the Charity Cup held throughout April and May, where branches compete in raising funds for a selected charity; Health Students Blood Challenge held from September to mid-October, where branches compete in donating blood to Red Cross; and Pharmacy Awareness Month, where each branch is allocated a month to raise community awareness of general health and pharmacy topics.

Becoming a NAPSA member is an exceptional supplement to your studies; membership will provide you with skills that will allow you to excel through your career, and you will be given numerous opportunities to make lifelong friendships and connections along the way. If you aren't a member, ask your branch about signing up today!