NAPSA Committees

NAPSA has a number of different committees and sub-committees, which carry out work in various areas to represent our members. The Board of Executive Directors oversees all committees and sub-committees.

The current sub-committees of NAPSA are:

    • IPSF (International Pharmacy Students Federation)

    • Pharmacy Awareness

    • Publications

    • Rural and Indigenous

    • Alumni

    • Research

Each of these sub-committees has been formed to ensure that the aims and objectives of NAPSA in providing representation for pharmacy students are met. To find out their current projects and activities, visit the NAPSA website at or get in touch with the sub-committee Chair concerned or your local subcommittee representative.

NAPSA from time to time will also form standing committees, which unlike our subcommittees are not permanent. Standing committees of NAPSA are created by National Council to perform specific tasks and are dissolved after they have completed their specific tasks.

The standing committees of NAPSA are:

    • The organising committee of NAPSA’s domestic congress (Sydney Congress 2018)

    • National Pharmacy Students' Survey