To represent NAPSA on an international level on the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF) alongside like minded pharmacy students from the globe. IPSF aims to promote Australian Pharmacy through the implementation of incoming and outgoing exchange and the exposure of NAPSA and its subsequent activities to IPSF on an international level. IPSF is closely aligned to the Pharmacy Awareness chair that helps to promote pharmacy on a national level.


As IPSF chair you represent NAPSA on an international level as both the contact person and student exchange officer for IPSF. Working with the IPSF committee and NAPSA, this chair is responsible and participates in initiatives including public health campaigns, research on issues in pharmacy education and workforce development, the Student Exchange Programme, organising international and regional congresses and symposia, and publication of the IPSF News Bulletin and the circulating of the IPSF Newsletter.

IPSF was founded in 1949 by eight pharmacy student associations in London. The Federation now represents approximately 350,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates in 70 countries worldwide. IPSF is the leading international advocacy organisation for pharmacy students promoting improved public health through provision of information, education, networking, and a range of publications and professional activities.

The IPSF chair is also responsible for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP). This involves the successful placement of international pharmacy students in pharmacies across Australia. This is not possible without the cooperation of the individual branches, host families and host pharmacies and NAPSA is thankful for all the people that help to make these placements a success. NAPSA also helps students go on exchange overseas with students recently placed in Portugal and Greece!

For Students wanting to know more about the SEP program: Frequently Asked Questions (Students)

For more information on exchange opportunities visit: http://sep.ipsf.org/student_exchange_programme

If you need any more information regarding placement or about IPSF please contact the NAPSA IPSF chair: ipsf@napsa.org.au