Pharmacy Awareness

The Pharmacy Awareness Chair's role involves working with many different and progressive organisations to provide information on health, the importance of a pharmacist's role and their involvement in the community. In 2018, the Chair will work closely with the Red Cross to organise the inaugural NAPSA Pharmacy Student’s Blood Challenge, as well as organise the fundraising for our chosen Charity in the annual “Charity Cup” (stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s charity!)

NAPSA is also a proud supporter of the PSS (Pharmacists’ Support Service). In order to generate a greater understanding of their objectives, and to raise funding support, our Pharmacy Awareness Chair has a role within the (PSS) committee to contribute input and ideas. Our Pharmacy Awareness Chair also works with each NAPSA Branch to facilitate their Pharmacy Awareness Month. Branches run campaigns to encourage student involvement on these initiatives and promote important health issues and deliver health education.

The Pharmacy Awareness Chair is extremely passionate about pharmacists and their role as primary health care professionals. Its core objective is to enhance public awareness of the important and vital role that the pharmacy profession has in the community’s healthcare and well-being. To achieve this, the Pharmacy Awareness Chair works tirelessly to spread awareness amongst students, interns, pharmacists and the wider allied health community about important initiatives, topics and campaigns pertaining to the pharmacy industry.