Rural and Indigenous


The Rural and Indigenous committee endeavours to to inform NAPSA members about opportunities available in rural and remote Australia. We challenge pharmacy students to look outside the square when considering employment options, and realise the world of fantastic opportunities and professional satisfaction rural pharmacy can offer. This committee liaises with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's Rural Special Interest Group (RuralSIG), the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Rural Pharmacy Workforce Program, Department of Health and Ageing, the National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) and Indigenous Allied Health Australia. Working closely with various organisations within the industry allows information about rural and indigenous affairs to be shared amongst members.

If you are interested in a rural placement - why not check out our Rural Placement Factcard for more information.

Please feel free to contact the current Rural and Indigenous Committee Chair via email for more information:

Useful Links

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has recently launched their new Rural Pharmacy Website. Check it out for helpful information and resources about going on rural placements, where to go, what to expect, scholarships and allowances.

Members of the PSA are eligible to become a member of the Rural Special Interest Group (Rural SIG). The SIG support pharmacists practicing in rural and remote Australia and is a great place to find out more about what life is like as a rural pharmacist.

The National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) represents over 9000 medical, nursing and allied health students from 29 university-based Rural Health Clubs across Australia. Joining your university's rural health club is a great way to get involved in rural health and learn about how a multi-disciplinary team can work together to achieve equality in health services. Visit for more information and to find out how to join your local rural health club.