NAPSA History


In 1948 the National Association of Pharmaceutical Students’ of Australia (NAPSA) was formed, and originally consisted of Queensland Pharmaceutical Students' Association, South Australian Pharmaceutical Students' Association, Sydney University Pharmaceutical Association, Tasmanian Pharmaceutical Students' Association, Western Australian Pharmaceutical Students' Association and Victorian Pharmaceutical Students' Association.

At the time it was the largest representative body of pharmacy students in the world. It served to represent the interests of pharmacy students on a national scale, via their individual state associations.

NAPSA dissolved in the late 1980s, and was reformed in 2001 by delegates from eight of the nine pharmacy schools of Australia. The original member associations are again a part of the new NAPSA, along with ten new branches. NAPSA's now represents eighteen Student Associations across Australia.

Honorary Life Members

NAPSA appreciates the effort and energy that our predecessors have contributed to the organisation. We would like to acknowledge our Honorary Life Members whom have served the Association.

  • Adam Phillips

  • Ashleigh Coome

  • Brooke Myers

  • Cassandra Lee

  • Chris Braithwaite

  • John Traynor

  • Joseph Whitehouse

  • Josephine McDowall

  • Lisa Goldsmith

  • Michelle Bou-Samra

  • Patrick Reid

  • Paul Buise

  • Sarah Sinclair

  • Tim Mizzi

  • Trent Twomey

  • Xavier Agostino

  • Samuel Turner

  • Lauren Haworth

  • John Quinn

  • Catherine Bronger

  • David Paulmert

  • Juliet Contreras