Executive Director

Flynn Swift

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane


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About Flynn:

Hello everyone, my name is Flynn and I am currently serving my second year on the Executive board as the IPSF Contact Person for NAPSA. I am currently in my second year of pharmacy studying at Queensland University of Technology.

Making the decision to join NAPSA’s National Executive Council was one of the best I’ve made. My responsibilities involve working alongside both the International and Regional boards, participating in conference calls, developing pharmacy awareness and public health campaigns, and ensuring NAPSA is well represented at the annual IPSF World Congress and Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium. I have acquired many valuable friendships and have worked with amazing people all over the world while being in this position. As the IPSF Liaison, my role is to not only represent NAPSA to the entire world, but also to promote globalisation and multiculturalism. One of my favorite aspects of this position was attending international conferences, (pre-covid) where I have had the opportunity to not only promote Australian pharmacy practice, but also to network and meet people from all over the world and without going out of my way to join the board and get involved, i would have never met them.

An aspect of the position that I would like to improve upon is to increase the amount and diversify the type of activity reports that NAPSA sends out to the federation. This will promote NAPSA’s events in the world and will reinforce our presence within IPSF. I am also creating a system to ensure that IPSF Local Representatives submit reports on various events throughout the year (i.e.: do not submit more than two reports on a similar event). Furthermore, I would like to improve communication with Local IPSF Representatives – I have struggled with non-responsiveness in the past mandate and aim to improve upon this in the future. Moreover, I would like to encourage IPSF Local Representatives to submit Vampire Cup events for blood drives that are organised by their associations. Additionally, I support the idea of centralising the information such that students may find all IPSF related updates on the NAPSA Facebook page, rather than relying on IPSF Local Representatives to distribute this information in a timely fashion.

So if you are interested in getting more involved in IPSF or want to get more information about the board or IPSF events, don't hesitate to email me at ipsf@napsa.org.au or flynn.swift@napsa.org.au