Executive Director

Samantha King

The University of Queensland, Brisbane


About Samantha:

Hi there! My name is Sam, and I'm your NAPSA Executive Director of Education for 2020/21. I am incredibly passionate about the continued professional development of pharmacy students with respect to education; and, my personal goal for my term on the NAPSA board is to continually strive to enrich our student cohort's learning experience!

My day-to-day duties include: distributing ongoing educational events and resources developed by major pharmacy organisations to our local branches -and- liaising with industry professionals for the development of educational events hosted through NAPSA. I also work tightly with my peers on NAPSA’s executive committee to ensure that our student cohort’s education experience is thoroughly enriched and supplemented by complementary activities and events related to the continued development of the pharmacy profession.

Fun fact about me: I try to minimise my environmental footprint by traveling around Brisbane on my bike! If you ever spot me on the footpath on my way to work or uni, feel free to say g'day or give me a wave!