History of BAPS

The Bendigo Association of Pharmacy Students was established in 2001 when the course was first introduced to the Bendigo La Trobe campus. At the time it was the second Victorian pharmacy branch to be formed. BAPS over the years has developed great relationships with both the campus’s Student Association and faculty. BAPS membership now varies significantly from students straight from high school with over 60% of members’ cross-year students.

BAPS endeavors to:

BAPS endeavors to create networking opportunities for its members outside of university hours while promoting personal development through a variety of leadership and mentoring roles. Extra education events are run during the semesters to promote learning and teach skills that are not part of the universities curriculum but essential in everyday pharmacy practice. BAPS is determined to facilitate its members in finding their feet in the Pharmacy industry as well as providing outlets for stress relief and year level integration through running various events.

Benefits of BAPS Membership:

BAPS membership includes:

    • Subsidized tickets to social and educational events as well as merchandise
    • Exclusive access to extra education
    • Opportunities to interact with other year levels
    • Discounted text books
    • Updates on the Pharmacy industry

Payment Details:

Please see your respective year level representative with the correct cash ($15 for BSA members, $20 for non-BSA members) or visit the BSA website:

Alternatively, you may pay in cash to Ella Maher (President) or Eliza Jennings (Treasurer). To contact BAPS, please email