History of OPSA

The Orange Pharmacy Students Association (OPSA) represents students enrolled in the Bachelor of Pharmacy course at the Orange campus of Charles Sturt University. The first graduating class from the Orange campus was in 2008. After being affiliated with the Pharmers? Society, OPSA separated and was formed in 2009. OPSA plays an important role in the life of a Charles Sturt University pharmacy student. It provides many educational and social benefits as well as numerous other opportunities. OPSA is the pharmacy student voice providing a link between students and the school of pharmacy.

OPSA endeavors to:

Represent all OPSA members and provide them with both educational and social events as well as other benefits to enhance their university experience as a pharmacy student at Charles Sturt University Orange.

Benefits of OPSA Membership:


    • Wound Care course

    • First Aid Course

    • Blackmores Course

    • Discounted Text Books

Social Events

    • Social BBQ's

    • Commencement Dinner

    • Bar Night Parties

    • Pharmacy Ball

Payment Details:

For payment instructions, please email opsa@live.com.au

Postal Address

Orange Pharmacy Students Association

Charles Sturt University

346 Leeds Parade



Contact Details

Email: opsa@napsa.org.au

Website: http://www.napsa.org.au/opsa