History of QPSA

Established in 1948, The Queensland Pharmacy Students’ Association (QPSA) is a not-for-profit association run by and for pharmacy students at the University of Queensland (UQ). QPSA are based at the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) adjacent to the Princess Alexandra Hospital at Woolloongabba.

Our Vision

QPSA have a proud tradition of offering members numerous opportunities outside their pharmacy degree, including educational, social, and sporting events.

They passionately advocate to bring students closer to the profession and extend their knowledge whilst nurturing positive change at the university. QPSA runs regular educational sessions aimed at all things pharmacy, strengthening students practical knowledge with topics not fully captured during the degree. Hosting several professional education sessions partnering with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, The Pharmaceutical Society, The Society of Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Defence Ltd, and the UQ School of Pharmacy to involve students with the profession early.

They also host networking opportunities with clinical pharmacists from various backgrounds allowing students to explore the pharmacy profession. QPSA boasts an ever-growing social calendar, from pub crawls to the gala ball and sporting involvement in UQ interfaculty competitions.

Our Events

QPSA have a jammed-packed calendar for 2021 filled with excellent educational, social, and pharmacy-centred events.

Some of there key events include:

    • Industry Awareness Day

    • Annual QPSA Pharmacy Ball

    • 4th Year Graduation Dinner

    • NAPSA's Pharmacy Awareness Month events including 'Vampire Cup' (NAPSA's blood donation challenge), BBQ's and community health promotion (e.g. Know Your Numbers Campaign)

    • NAPSA's Charity Cup events including Trivia Night and BBQ's

    • Numerous education events

    • And many more!

Benefits of QPSA Membership:

With a brand-new perks card, a new and improved goodie bag for members, and discounts off textbooks, events, placement shirts, and merch who wouldn’t want to be a member of QPSA?

    • Our Perks Card includes discounts to Pancake Manor, Brooklyn Depot, Retro's, Birdees and many more!

    • Discounted placement shirts

    • Automatic membership to the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA) and the International Pharmacy Students' Federation (IPSF)

    • Opportunity to hold a position on the QPSA Committee or be involved in the QPSA Help Team: "QPSA Aces"

    • Subscription to ePlacebo: regular industry relevant information emailed to you from NAPSA

Discounted textbooks including:

      • AMH 2021

      • Therapeutic Guidelines

Opportunity to attend numerous education events (free for QPSA members) including:

      • OTC Night

      • Smith and Nephew Wound Care

      • Interviews & Resumes

      • Diverse Roles in Pharmacy

      • ITP Information Night

Discounted tickets for social events including:

      • QPSA Annual Pharmacy Ball

      • Fourth year graduation dinner

      • UQ Allied Health 'Scrub Crawl'

If you are interested in student discounts/benefits, networking, and making friends then this society for you!

Payment Details:

QPSA Membership in 2021 costs: $15 per year or $55 for a 4-year membership

Membership is not valid until payment has been received. Each student will receive an email notification once their payment has been processed.

Aside from Market Day, all memberships are required to be paid in full and online via the QPSA website under "Memberships."

Postal Address

PACE (Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence)

20 Cornwall Street


QLD 4102


Contact Details

Email: qpsa@napsa.org.au


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