History of RAPS

The RMIT Association of Pharmacy Students (RAPS) represents students enrolled in the Bachelor of Pharmacy program which commenced in 2011. Our primary goal at RAPS is to provide members with the opportunity to participate in various educational and training sessions. These sessions are designed to further prepare students for a career in a community or hospital pharmacy setting post university studies. RAPS also aims to establish relationships with other students from pharmacy schools around Australia and organisations that we will potentially be working alongside in the future such as the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. RAPS would like to extend a big thank you to NAPSA and all the affiliated branches for helping us and providing us with advice regarding our establishment and affiliation in recent times. This assistance has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated.

RAPS endeavors to:

    • Provide our members with the opportunity to expand their knowledge obtained throughout the pharmacy program, with a particular focus on improving our ability to counsel on over the counter medicines.
    • Promote pharmacy awareness and the quality use of medicines around RMIT University and throughout the broader community.
    • Ensure students are up to date with key issues and events happening within the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Establish relationships with other students from pharmacy schools around Australia and strengthen existing ones.

Benefits of RAPS Membership:

    • Discounted prices on RAPS events which include Trivia Night, Movie Night and BBQs.
    • Discounts prices for prescribed textbooks such as the Australians Medicines Handbook.
    • Opportunity to give back to the community through participation in the annual Charity Cup.
    • Access to funding for various conferences and educational opportunities.

Payment Details:

RAPS membership in 2016 costs $15 (Only for one year) see RAPS team for a special pack.

Membership is not valid until payment has been received, however there is a short grace period in which you may use MyNAPSA while the RAPS secretary processes your payment. You'll receive email notification once your payment has been processed.

Payment options:


Go to the RAPS Pharmacy room, on Level 2. There are envelopes on the desk. Complete the form and put money inside the envelope, Write name, student number, whats the payment for and amount inside the envelop and bring it to one of the RAPS Representative year level.


Account Number: 10562933

BSB: 63262

Reference: [Student Number] Membership

Please follow up your EFT payment with an email to RAPS, raps@napsa.org.au providing remittance of payment (a screenshot, transaction receipt or similar should do).

Postal Address




ROOM 202-2-30

BOX 71