History of UTSPA

The University of Technology, Sydney Pharmacy Association was established at the beginning of 2012 by the inaugural cohort of students. These students looked to form a student body representative to create a voice for UTS pharmacy students, to liaise with the university, it's union and pharmacy societies around Australia and potentially internationally. The UTS Pharmacy Association is a vibrant, not for profit, student run organisation that endeavors to promote positive university experiences for our members through learning and education, social development and networking events. A board committee was elected, who created a constitution on which UTSPA base their future direction upon. Our members are predominately, but not exclusively, UTS Pharmacy Students. We currently number at approximately 60 members but are continuously expanding.

UTSPA endeavors to:

    • Organise social events for members and inter-university events
    • Encourage participation in NAPSA and its events
    • Assist members with administrative issues with the Faculty of Pharmacy and UTS in general
    • Facilitate access to further education outside of university for pharmacy students
    • Strive to enhance networking and career prospects for UTS students
    • Increase the professional profile of UTS Pharmacy as a leading institution for learning and practice
    • Enrich the social context of university by encouraging communication and interaction between members

Benefits of UTSPA Membership:

    • Orientation activities
    • Social events such as trivia nights, parties and the Annual Pharmacy Ball
    • Discounted prices for textbooks
    • Access to funding for some conferences and educational events
    • Premium access to educational and continued professional development material/seminars.

Payment Details:

UTSPA membership (1 year) $ 15

UTSPA membership (2 years) $ 25

Method of payment: Bank transfer or Cash

Account Name: UTS Pharmacy Association

BSB number: 062 006

Bank account number: 1175 7818

Contact the UTSPA Treasurer for any queries and/or cash payments on utspa@napsa.org.au

Alternatively, please email utspa.commitee@gmail.com

Postal Address


Activate HQ

Level 3, Broadway (Building 1)

PO BOX 3210

Broadway, NSW 2007


Contact Details

Email: utspa@napsa.org.au