In 2020, the University of Newcastle's Association of Pharmacy Students (UoNAPS) will host, in conjunction with the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA), 350 pharmacy students to celebrate what has become known as a premier event of the Pharmacy Student Calendar! From the 23rd to the 29th of January, the annual NAPSA Congress will take place in Newcastle, at the University of Newcastle.

NAPSA Congress is an annual event that offers education, networking, a trade-show hall, social events and more! Hear from inspiring speakers from pharmacy and other related fields as well as network and make friends with other like-minded pharmacy students from around Australia.

For more information please visit or email your local NAPSA Branch.

Educational Events

Innovative and interactive workshops and lectures will provide students with the latest and in depth knowledge on a variety of pharmacy-related topics. Perfect for not only first year students but even final year students. Learn a wide range of secrets from up in coming drug development to the future of community pharmacy.

Topics include:

    • Hospital Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy Ownership
    • Rural opportunities
    • Pharmacy practice
    • Pharmacy career paths
    • Leadership
    • And many more!

Trade Show

We promise a bigger and better trade show than the previous NAPSA Congresses, with a large number and variety of stalls. These stalls allow students to communicate more personally with a range of professional bodies such as large industrial pharmaceutical companies, vitamin companies, hospital pharmacists, community pharmacists, pharmacy governing bodies and even armed forces pharmacists. Have a chat, score some freebies and have a wonderful afternoon in the air conditioned Brennan Room.

Social Events

Thursday 23rd January: Opening Night - ALOHA!

Get your Hawaiian shirts ready, opening night will be held at the Merewether Surfhouse, overlooking the beach.

​Tonight is the night to start swapping your branch wrist bands as easy conversation starters.

Friday 24th January: Beaumont Street, Hamilton Pub Crawl - Scrabble

Release your intellectual side with our scrabble themed pub crawl.

We will be crawling along Beaumont street in Hamilton, the usual student go to. Everyone will be separated, so share a student priced bev with someone new, before meeting with everyone at our final destination.

Saturday 25th January: Free Night / Alumni Event

Tonight you will be free to do as you please. Whether it be enjoy the Triple J Hottest 100 or take this opportunity to have a night in and recover to prepare yourself for the rest of the week.

​Alternatively, come and enjoy the company of past NAPSA members to reminisce and relive the days of pharmacy school. All alumni, including students and interns, can relish in a great night of food, drinks and entertainment. Be sure not to miss out on this great networking evening hosted by the NAPSA Alumni Chair!

Note: This Alumni event is NOT included in delegate registration.

Sunday 26th January: Australia Day

You're in for a RIPPER of a day! Grab your thongs, budgie smugglers, bathers and sunnies before heading down to one of Newy's many beautiful beaches. Here we will be soaking up the sun and enjoying some good ol' fashioned Aussie music while enjoying a barbie and cracking open a cold one! Let's all get into the Aussie spirit and have a fantastic 'Straya Day!

Monday 27th January: Battle Night

It’s Branch against Branch, so bring your A game tonight! Branches will be dressed in their code of colour and according to their country. Activities will range from boat races to balloon popping. And some lucky students will be actioned for the NAPSA charity. Don’t worry it’s each Branch’s money not yours!

Tuesday 28th January: Gala Ball at the NEX

Yes! You read that right. Grab your gowns and suits, tonight we will be celebrating the end of an amazing week. Ladies make sure your mascara is waterproof, and gentlemen, don't forget your pocket square, as this is the final night of Congress. There will be laughs and tears as you say goodbye, although not forever, to the amazing people you have met. Tonight will certainly be one to remember!

Wednesday 29th January: Depart Newcastle

Today most of you will be departing the lovely city of Newcastle while others may be staying a few more nights to explore the wonders out town has to offer (FYI: a Hunter Valley wine tour should certainly be on your bucket list)!

​Let's hope the PCD won't hit too hard! Goodbye for now, but not forever.