In 2022, the James Cook University Pharmacy Students' Association (JCUPSA) will host, in conjunction with the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA), over 250 pharmacy students to celebrate what has become known as a premier event of the Pharmacy Student Calendar! Unfortunately because of COVID-19, from the 24th to the 28th of January, the annual NAPSA Congress will take place virtually from the comfort of one's home. Nonetheless, it will be one to remember!

NAPSA Congress is an annual event that offers education, networking, a trade-show hall, social events and more! Hear from inspiring speakers from pharmacy and other related fields as well as network and make friends with other like-minded pharmacy students from around Australia.

For more information please visit the 'NAPSA Congress' Facebook or Instagram page, or email your local NAPSA Branch.

Educational Events

Innovative and interactive workshops and lectures will provide students with the latest and in depth knowledge on a variety of pharmacy-related topics. Perfect for not only first year students but even final year students. Learn a wide range of secrets from up and coming drug development to the future of community pharmacy.

Topics include:

    • Hospital Pharmacy

    • Pharmacy Ownership

    • Rural opportunities

    • Pharmacy practice

    • Pharmacy career paths

    • Leadership

    • And many more!

Please refer to the 'NAPSA Congress' social accounts or your local NAPSA Branch for the Virtual Congress Timetable. Timetables will also be distributed to delegates upon sign up.

Social Events & Trade Show

Because Congress has been moved to a virtual setting, no official social events nor trade shows have been arranged by the Congress Organising Committee.

Please contact your local NAPSA Branch for more information about social events happening near you!


The following sponsors should be recognised for their contribution to the 2022 Virtual NAPSA Congress.

Platinum sponsor: the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA)

Diamond sponsor: the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA)

Silver sponsor: Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL), and Smith and Nephews

Bronze sponsor: Australian Pharmacy Council

Other sponsors: LocumCo, Pharmacists Support Service (PSS), BakPhysio, AHPRA, Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA), the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), Memorise Medicine, Fisiocrem, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Care Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, LiveLife Pharmacy