NAPSA and iTherapeutics launch Jobs Board

By: NAPSA| Posted on: 21 Dec 2016

The National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA) are proud to announce the upcoming launch of a jobs board on their website, thanks to the collaborative support of iTherapeutics.

The NAPSA website as a whole was developed as a supplementary resource for the pharmacy students of Australia and the members of NAPSA. The MyNAPSA member-only platform of the website currently features a number of services and resources unlike any other student association across Australia. Director of Professional Development, Mr John Quinn said "although the website is still in its first phase, iTherapeutics and the NAPSA Board and Chairs are committed to building on the range of resources and services offered with time".

President, Ms Shefali Parekh said, "looking for a job in the pharmacy profession can be difficult for many students". Recently, over 750 members took time to respond to NAPSA's National Pharmacy Student Survey (NPSS) where 68% of students confirmed they are currently employed in a community pharmacy capacity and 85% agree that community pharmacy employment while studying is important. In 2015, employment within hospitals proved difficult for students to secure during their studies with only one in five students (21%) indicating that they were currently working in a hospital in some capacity. This contrasts strongly against students graduation goals with 44% hoping to start their post-graduate career in a hospital pharmacy role and 36% community pharmacy. For this reason, NAPSA has commissioned a Jobs Board into the MyNAPSA platform.

Director of Media and Publications, Mr David Paulmert will officially be launching the Jobs Board to over 300 students at NAPSA's Perth Congress in January. Mr Paulmert said, "I would like to thank iTherapeutics and the team at UnityHealth for the delivery of the Jobs Board which is needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of placements in pharmacy".

Peter De Lorenzo, CEO of UnityHealth said, "We are delighted to work closely with NAPSA in response to their needs and the current workforce challenges faced in this changing and competitive environment. iTherapeutics is also proud to develop a platform which helps contribute to the utlisation of the National Competency Standards Framework.

We are equally committed to developing new and innovative ways of supporting and engaging with future pharmacists and community pharmacy owners, banner groups, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and universities for the betterment of the profession".

Shefali Parekh

National President

National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association

Peter De Lorenzo

Chief Executive Officer UnityHealth

Media Contacts:

Shefali Parekh: 0422 394 905

John Quinn: 0419 323 868

David Paulmert: 0411 572 503

Peter De Lorenzo: 0416 268 112

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