NAPSA discovers the future in 3D - SHPA Medicines Management 2016

By: NAPSA | Posted on: 30 Nov 2016

From the 16th to the 19th of November 2016, NAPSA representatives had the opportunity to travel to Perth for the annual Medicines Management conference hosted by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia (SHPA).

In an industry that is moving in various different directions, sometimes it can be difficult to realise where these amazing paths can lead. The conference opened up these possibilities by focusing on radical change in the pharmacy industry. NAPSA was challenged to transform their thinking, reflect on their profession and develop skills into the future.

Career development is key to becoming the best pharmacist possible in this ever-changing profession. So it only seemed fit that an ongoing discussion on the importance of a new residency program was had throughout the conference. Dr Bob Feroli, from Johns Hopkins Hospital in America stated that the residency program is "a wonderful bridge between education and practice."From this, NAPSA learnt that it is imperative to take advantage of opportunities so that they do not become barriers.

Other sessions continued the theme of the future of pharmacy in 3D, with topics including advanced pharmacy practice, new medications and the way we communicate with our patients. Debra Rowett, winner of the SHPA Clinical Pharmacy Award, shared her thoughts stating, "Information alone can be a blunt statement." Consequently, an emphasis on the interaction between patient and pharmacist was made. This inspired NAPSA to continue to be passionate, patient centred and excited about the prospects and the potential of pharmacy.

Over the past year, NAPSA has been working closely with SHPA with the formation of a working group steered by NAPSA representatives, Jessica O'Connor (University of Sydney) and Lisa Bremner (University of Tasmania). This relationship has seen the development and discussion of new projects and ideas between the two organizations as well as a joint position statement about Hospital placements for pharmacy students within Australia, which can be found here.

On behalf of NAPSA, Ms O'Connor said, "we would like to thank SHPA, in particular Jerry Yik and Daniel Guidone, for their support and input into the projects of the working group this year. We look forward to a new group building on the foundations we have created and trust they'll continue to make positive change for our members". NAPSA would like to thank Ms O'Connor and Ms Bremner for their hard work and contribution towards the working group this term.

During the conference, a new agreement between SHPA and NAPSA was signed which will be in effect for the next three years. NAPSA President, Shefali Parekh said, "I believe stronger networks with SHPA will foresee better opportunities for pharmacy students to gain access into the field. The renewal of this relationship between SHPA and NAPSA has strengthened our ties and the opportunities for development into the future, especially for students interested in hospital careers and research following their degrees".

SHPA CEO, Kristin Michaels said, "SHPA is pleased to again be working with NAPSA to engage with pharmacy students at the early stages of their career; and provide an understanding of the range of future opportunities in pharmacy.

The SHPA/NAPSA MoU provides an important foundation for the work of the two organisations, and supports the involvement of pharmacy students in the work of SHPA's Branches and Steering Groups", she said.

"SHPA looks forward to further strengthening our links with pharmacy students through NAPSA as we roll out key activities such as the 2017 SHPA Residency", said Ms Michaels.


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