Out with the old, in with the new

By: NAPSA| Posted on: 17 July 2017

The National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA) has elected Sandra Minas (La Trobe University, Bendigo) as their new President for the 2017/18 NAPSA term.

Miss Minas was elected at NAPSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at Monash University, Melbourne, over the weekend. She heads a new board comprised of a further seven Executive Directors, as elected by NAPSA's organisational members:

Vasilios Sotiropoulos (University of South Australia, Adelaide) – Director of Internal Affairs

Evangeline Armstrong Gordon (University of Sydney, Sydney) – Secretary

Jordan Gill (Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga) – Treasurer

Jess Hsiao (University of South Australia, Adelaide) – Director of Media and Publications

Tahlia Murador (University of Queensland, Brisbane) – Director of External Affairs

Ayomide Ogundipe (Curtin University, Perth) – Director of Public Relations and,

Alicia Martin (University of Canberra, Canberra) – Director of Professional Development

Miss Minas said she looked forward to serving NAPSA members and acknowledged the excellent work of her predecessor Miss Shefali Parekh.

“I know that I have big shoes to fill but I’m confident that with the dedication and collaboration of all the amazing Board members we will be able to succeed in attaining our goals this term. I’m also extremely excited to continue to push the boundaries in the pharmacy profession and create the best future of pharmacy for each of our members”, said Miss Minas.

Immediate Past President, Shefali Parekh congratulated Miss Minas and the new board on their appointment and expressed confidence in their ability to continue to build and shape the association going forward.

"Sandra comes into the role of President with a great deal of experience and expertise after being a Director of Public Relations for the past year, and Pharmacy Awareness Chair before that. Her passion will drive her to be a successful leader amongst her peers. This is an exciting time for NAPSA and I step down knowing that the association is in good hands", said Miss Parekh.

At NAPSA's Annual Dinner over the weekend, NAPSA invited someone whose reputation precedes them, Rhonda White. Miss Parekh said, “Rhonda’s incredible valour and sharp eye has allowed her to develop visionary skills to outperform and revolutionise the pharmacy industry. We were very fortunate to have her speak at the dinner and is an inspiration to all”.

Other special guests included our principal sponsor the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA), our major sponsors; the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia (SHPA); and representatives from Ravens Recruitment, Mylan and LIVIN.

Miss Parekh executed her final duties as President to award the Sydney University Pharmacy Association as Best Branch for their high level of commitment and passion to NAPSA over the year; and inducted two Honorary Life Members to the association:

    • John Quinn (Griffith University, Publications Committee 2015-16, Director of Professional Development 2016-17)
    • David Paulmert (Griffith University, Secretary 2015-16, Director of Media and Publications 2016-17)

Miss Parekh would like to thank all of NAPSA’s sponsors and the pharmacy industry for their continued support. Without this support NAPSA would not have been able to come this far and accomplish greatly.

Media Contacts:

Shefali Parekh 0422394905

Sandra Minas 0490107049