Guild Insurance

Pharmacy students insurance

Pharmacy students and interns are offered insurance under an arrangement with Guild Insurance and PDL (Pharmaceutical Defence Limited).

PDL, together with underwriters Guild Insurance, have drawn on over 50 years of combined, in-depth knowledge and expertise in the pharmacy profession to design a tailored professional indemnity insurance (PII) master policy, which is now offered exclusively to members of PDL including pharmacy students.

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Free membership for students and interns

    • PDL is owned by its pharmacist members who work in the profession across a range of roles including hospital, clinical, research, locum and community as well as pharmacy students and interns.
    • 24/7 professional advice and guidance from experts in pharmacy. This unique support service gives members one-to-one care and provides risk minimisation strategies to reduce the likelihood of an incident becoming a claim
    • The PDL insurance policy covers everything in the scope of pharmacy as regulated by the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA).
    • The PDL policy covers vaccinations services, offers full liability cover including professional indemnity; public liability and; products liability. It is a claims made policy (PBA).
    • Members of PDL are protected under a group policy featuring a ?per insured limit? of $20,000,000.
    • PDL provide annual funding to pharmacy education and the pharmacy profession to foster positive growth and development of pharmacy now and into the future.
    • Bonus subscription to the Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP) magazine (online version)
    • And for when you're at the end of your career, PDL offers you FREE retiree run off cover!

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