What is LocumCo?

Since its beginnings over 30 years ago, LocumCo has proudly served thousands of pharmacies and pharmacists around Australia. We are the country's #1 pharmacy recruitment platform, supporting the specific needs of the industry by providing qualified pharmacists for full-time, part-time, intern and locum positions. We also recruit other pharmacy staff including managers, pharmacy assistants, dispensary technicians, and shop staff.

How we are collaborating with NAPSA:

Our partnership with NAPSA and our desire to give something back to the profession has resulted in LocumCo offering pharmacies
throughout Australia the opportunity to list their Intern roles with us for free. NAPSA directs their students to our site in order to apply for any of these roles.

How we can help you:

Not only do we compose and post the intern positions for the pharmacies at no charge, but we also submit resumes of interested applicants to them and act as mentors and a vital point of contact to the future interns! This means that the students can get additional information about the pharmacy before submitting their application and also get feedback from us if they have been unsuccessful.

How you can contact us:

Call LocumCo any time - we are available 24/7 on (02) 9328 6300 or Freecall: 1800 357 001